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Fuelled by coffee

Many people say 'wow your photos are beautiful, you must have a great camera'

Having a great camera and lenses certainly helps, but many of the images here were taken on decent quality DSLR cameras but certainly not the top of the range models.

We believe the choice of camera and lens is important but it is the photographers eye and subject knowledge that really help set him apart from the rest.
We don't shoot rock concerts or claim to be masters at landscape photography. Those disciplines require a different skillset.

We are comfortable shooting in a crowd and in challenging lighting, making the most of available light, or bringing our own if required.

The images on this website are only a fraction of our entire portfolio, and we are always open to new challenges.

If you have a specific requirement or are looking for stock photography for the food and beverage industry then please contact us.

Event Photography

We have experience at shooting coffee events around the world and recently covered the World Barista Championships in Vienna.
We also covered the UK Barista Championships in 2012 and 2013.Read More »


We shoot RAW using Canon and Nikon cameras. All images taken can be exported in any format for use in web or published media.

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As Seen In

Barista Magazine
Caffeine Magazine
Asian Geographic Magazine

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